2009 Mojito Challenge



Duvall Catering & Event Design teamed up with Bacardi USA and the South Carolina Aquarium to host the 5th Annual Mojito Challenge benefitting the Lowcountry Special Olympics . Congratulations to Coast Bar and Grill for claiming the prize – 3rd year in a row – for their pop rocks and dragonberry concoction!  Check out the photos on Charleston Picture Company


Duvall Featured in Special Events

Duvall is featured in the latest issue of Special Events Magazine for their article on new, exotic ingredients titled Food for Fetes, New to You. Chef Charlie created a new presentation of his purple potato vichyssoise using black garlic. Black garlic is created by fermenting whole cloves at a high temperature for one month and has a gummi bear like texture with a flavor similar to that of black licorice or balsamic vinegar.


Special Events 

Check it out! www.specialevents.com


Spoleto Party honoring Charles Wadsworth


Duvall Catering teamed up with Spoleto Festival USA to cater the Farewell High Tea honoring the retiring artistic director of the Chamber Music USA Series, Charles Wadsworth. It was a Charleston twist on a traditional high tea featuring Pimm’s Cup Cocktails and a homegrown iced tea bar courtesy of the Charleston Tea Plantation . The fantastic photpgraphs were captured by Jennifer Bearden of  Jennifer Bearden Photography.


For more information on the fun linens and great patio umbrellas contact All Occasions, AAA Rentals


Recipe: No–Bake Summer Berry Pudding

Summer Pudding Blog


3 quarts of fresh local berries, any mixture!

8 ounces of sugar (2 ounces if using splenda)

3 ounces of water

1.5 loaves of stale bread


Line a 3 quart bowl with the stale bread, and reserve some for closing the top! Make sure to remove the crust.

Heat the berries with the sugar and the water in a small saucepan. Bring the mixture to a light simmer, and simmer for 3-5 minutes.

Pour the berry mixture into a colander to drain. Do not be temped to stir! Let drain for five minutes, save the drained juice!

Pour the berry mixture into the bread lined bowl close the top with the reserved bread.

Cover the pudding with a plate and press it down with a brick or something heavy.

Let sit over night to absorb the berry liquid.

Enjoy with a lightly sweetened cream, and the rest of the reserved juice.


Duvall Décor & Event Design – Goes Green!

Bar Shot BlogGoing green is a lot easier than people think. In partnership with the Charleston CVB, Duvall produced one of the first all green Charleston events for Jamie and Erik Huffman’s rehearsal dinner at Middleton Place. With the support of many local vendors, plants, lighting, paper materials and furniture were all repurposed, recycled or reused.