Out with the Old, In with the New

Find # 2

 Like most brides, finding what I was going to be wearing was on the top of my list. Although the first thing I picked out wasn’t my dress, it was my veil.  Well, it’s not actually a veil…it’s a custom peacock inspired hair clip made by the fabulous Loboheme, who crafts one-of-kind hair clips. If you look closely you’ll see about 2 inches of vintage Russian netting, hence, why I call in my “veil”. So try something different then a traditional long white veil on your wedding day! Until next week…



Making it Yours -

As a Duvall coordinator and October bride, we thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite wedding finds for the next few weeks.  Enjoy 

Find #1

 We’re using my favorite colors, grey & teal, Dallas’s favorite dessert Oreos for our cake, and having our reception at my parent’s house to make our wedding day personal!  It’s all about making it yours. One of my favorite design elements is fabric. Check out Amy Butler’s  fun designs.  I’m using her “Bright Buds- Grey” fabric to create a table runner for our dessert display. Our pastry chef, Richard aka Chip, is hand making Oreos, truffles, and mini sweets for a killer dessert spread on my mom’s dining room table.  


Keep checking back!

By: Alicia Schaefer


New Lowcountry Event Venue- LogBridge Farms


 Check out the lowcountry’s newest outdoor event venue, LogBridge Farm .  Located just 15 miles from Charleston on Highway 162, you’ll find 70 acres of event possibilities! The property, also a Tree Farm, has beautiful ponds, fields and a creek side view for weddings, corporate events, rehearsal dinners, family events, and BBQ’s.  To learn more about LogBridge Farm contact Cydney Carson at 843.696.5019 or info@affordable-affairs.com