Traditional Charleston Entertaining

Whether your Charleston obsession was first inspired by Southern Living magazine or a walk down King Street, you’re likely aware of the Holy City’s world-renowned hospitality. Charlestonians are also known for their ‘Joie De Vivre,’ a French phrase meaning the light hearted enjoyment of life. Paige Crone, founder of Charleston Protocol Y’all, Tanya Gurrieri, owner… Continue reading Traditional Charleston Entertaining

Labor Day Party Menu

It’s labor day, so let’s start with the cocktails…a Moscow Mule is the perfect end-of-summer beginning-of-fall cocktail. The lime screams the warm summer months and the spice of the ginger is reminiscent of spiced fall flavors, a perfect blend for the seasonal symbolism of Labor Day. Whip up a moscow mule with: Start with a… Continue reading Labor Day Party Menu

Pork Steamship Round and Brining for the Hollidays

Ever wonder how restaurants are able to keep their pork chops tender when they always seem to dry out when you are using the grill in the backyard? Its not restaurant magic, its osmosis. Restaurants and caterers have long understood that a method called “brining” can keep your white meats moist, even when subjected to… Continue reading Pork Steamship Round and Brining for the Hollidays