Composting and You.

Duvall has a new green effort: composting. What, you may ask, does that mean? Well it is NOT dumping food scraps, floral stems, leaves and so forth in a pile outside. Composting is a process that yes, involves food scraps and leaves, but is a lot more scientific than you may realize. It requires equal parts of green and brown, a balance between nitrogen and carbon, and some effort on your part.

Here are some quick tips for composting:

  • A 3’x3’x3’ container for your compost is a good and managable size
  • Leaves, vegetables and grass clippings are good compostables to start with
  • Stay away from pet droppings and animal products- they will attract pesky pests
  • Shredded paper and coffee grounds are a great addition!
  • Your compost should have both carbon and nitrogen- carbon being cardboard, leaves and newspaper; nitrogen being coffee grounds, food waste and garden waste
  • Your carbon-to-nitrogen ratio should be about 25-30 parts carbon to 1 part nitrogen
  • Brown = carbon, green = nitrogen
  • Worms you find in your garden or yard can be placed in your compost for an extra helping hand

The Duvall team has been composting for about 2 months and are still working out the kinks, but are very fortunate to have some educated chefs to help us learn the process. Hopefully these tips will work for you and we can all work together to reuse those food and garden scraps rather than just throwing them away .

Continuing our efforts to be eco-friendly and adhere to sustainable practices, Duvall has switched all of our disposable plates, cups and flatware to high quality compostable/biodegradable line made from sugar cane fiber. Request our high quality compostable items at your next event!

PS That’s our lovely compost pile above in the post. And this image of the garden plots – stay tuned for what we’re growing!

For more tips on composting visit: Composting 101