Decennial celebrations

We would like to congratulate and recognize staff members celebrating 10+ years as being part of the Duvall team. As a company we commemorate our successes and longevity which is a result of our high quality standards set at our events and the invaluable loyalty and commitment of our staff. We are very grateful to these staff members; we couldn’t have done without them.

Symbols of decennials

Symbols of decennials

Jon Bienz, our Operations Manager, has been with us since October 30, 1995. His managerial skills exceed his position in Operations. He is the glue that holds it all together and interprets the contract into a successful event.

Devorah Nelson, our Warehouse Manager, joined us a little later on April 24, 1996. Devorah, or better known by her peers as “D”, is the internal eye in the company. We appreciate her loyalty and flexibility, helping with inventory, tastings, etc. She has a nurturing side that makes younger staff feel comfortable and part of the team.

Our Director of Catering Sales & Special Events Coordinator, Jean Fisk, and our Sous Chef, Samantha Marions are both celebrating their 10 year anniversary with us this year. They have been with us since March 1, 1999 and August 10, 1999 respectively.

Jean has been imperative to the sales team. Her open and diplomatic method of work ensures that the clients’ needs are always met. She is the forefront of the catering sales team and always has their best interests at heart. In short, she is the backbone of the company.

Sam has a laid back but serious approach. She excels in everything that she does and is a great trainer. She is good at guiding and directing others, what makes for a great mentor for those following her.

We would also like to recognize Greg Townsley, a former employee who worked here as our Beverage Manager and Event Captain. Greg was part of the Duvall team since September 7, 1995. He recently relocated to Utah, but we were glad to have had him on the team. He was a joy to work with, steadfast and reliable. He always exceeded both Duvall’s and the clients’ expectations.