Do It Yourself Pillow Covers

Event Designer Rachel Briggs of Duvall’s decor department recently went shopping for fresh new spring fabrics to design custom pillows for upcoming client events. Briggs encourages “Do it Yourself” party planners or homeowners to refresh their event space or homes with one simple trick – recover pillows with new, trendy fabrics!
Don’t be discouraged by a lack of sewing experience. Visit this simple ‘How To’ for making your own pillows out of cloth napkins found at home or at your local consignment store. It’s fun, easy and you can play designer for a day!

Pillow How-To
Lay a 20-inch square cloth napkin face down, positioning it to resemble a diamond. Center a 12- or 14-inch square pillow form on napkin. Fold in 2 side points of napkin to middle, then fold up bottom point. Hand-stitch through all 3 pieces of fabric along upside-down V, about 2 inches down on each side. Stitch a button to bottom flap near point. Fold down top flap; sew a loop of cord to underside of fabric as a button holder, ensuring it fits snugly around button when closed.