Duvall Inspiration – Simply sweet soft fluers made modern…

I found décor inspiration in the photos above, which were taken at a Bulvgari launch party. The large plexi-glass boxes, in the bottom photo, are filled with soil and topped with tulip arrangements. However, the most striking aspect of the photo is the back wall, which is completely covered in flowers.

Any DIY person could use a sheet of floral foam affixed to a frame to create a similar presentation. You can mimic this idea on a smaller scale by using frames from your local décor or hardware store.

Inspiration: Bulvgari Launch Party Photos

Inspiration: Bulvgari Launch Party Photos

Other details featured at the event included shabby chic bird cages filled with petals, and table displays that also feature this soft modern edge.

by: Jacqueline Lawrence, Décor Director and Senior Designer at Duvall