Going Green with Jack

An individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change.

That is the mission statement for Jack Johnson’s charitable foundation, All At Once.

As a member of Duvall’s Green Team and an avid music lover, Jack Johnson epitomizes everything I love. This past Sunday I attended his show in Charlotte not only to hear some great tunes but to do some research for the Green Team. 100 percent of Jack’s ticket sales were donated to different non-profit groups around the nation that share a similar cause.

Many of the organizations Jack supports had booths at the show where they shared information about their cause. I had the opportunity to speak with several of the leaders of these organizations and learned many environmental tips including the best way to plant trees in my climate (great for keeping live decor beautiful).

In our office we are striving to do our part to help the environment including recycling, reducing electricity water and waste usage, purchasing recycled products and carpooling to events. We strive to share with our clients the importance of the effort we are making so that they are able to help as well. While it’s not easy to have a local, sustainable and recyclable event, we are educating our clients on ways to take steps to get there together.

Non-profits at the festival included:

Charlotte Public Tree Fund

Mission Statement: The Charlotte Public Tree Fund aims to promote the planting and preservation of trees within Mecklenburg County communities through fundraising, education and volunteer–driven tree planting events. Last year they planted thousands of trees to repopulate the Charlotte tree canopy and help with air quality. They enlist volunteers, mostly families and college students, to help with the planting periodically throughout the year.

Surfrider Foundation

Goals of the foundation:

Clean water. Beach preservation. Beach access. Protecting Special Places.

Not only do they campaign for cleaner drinking water, fewer plastic water bottles, and help clean up our beaches to protect aquatic ecosystems, they educate the youth of America on the importance of these initiatives.

Catawba Riverkeeper

The Catawba River is a body of water in Charlotte that is home to thousands of different ecosystems. Not only do different species of wildlife depend on this river for life, humans do as well. The water is used for drinking water, electric power, recreation and waste removal. Due to a population surge in the past few years the river is becoming increasingly contaminated; American Rivers has named it the most endangered river in the United States. This foundation acts as a “neighborhood watch” program to help protect the river and it’s neighboring lakes and tributaries.

Megan Click has bee working with Duvall Catering & Event Design as an event designer since June 2008.