Green Partners – Duvall & Sustainability Institute

Duvall Catering & Event Design is proud to announce our partnership with The Sustainability Institute . Together we will work to make our daily practices and events more environmentally sound. Partnered with the Institute, we have developed “The Green Team,” which consists of 4 people – one person from each Duvall department:


• Décor: Jacqueline Lawrence
• Kitchen: Chip Plaistowe
• Staffing & Operations: Whit Jackson
• Event Sales: Alicia Schaefer

The team will meet monthly with a representative from The Sustainability Institute to discuss ideas, provide advice and support, and to maintain the progress of our green efforts. Captains are then in charge of educating their department. With two “green” events in the works for this April, we have taken many steps to do our part to minimize our green thumbprint.

Below is a list of Duvall’s current green effort. Most of these items you can do at home too!

• Recycle! (bottles, glass, paper, ink cartridges, cork screws, food scraps)
• Donate safe leftover foods
• Provide seasonal, local, and organic menus
• Offer sustainable seafood
• Support local vendors
• Maintain a garden on property
• Carpool to events
• Conserve energy by turning off appliances when not in use
• Work in a “green” building made of recycled styrofoam
• Use “green” office cleaners and supplies
• Use biodegradable disposables
• Repurpose furniture/décor/plants

Stay tuned as Duvall Catering & Event Design goes Green!

by: Alicia Schaefer, Event Coordinator