{Kari & Pete} Cottage on the Creek Fete

Meet Kari and Pete. We loved working with this couple at the rustic cottage on the creek!

It was February of 2009, Pete was in Iraq serving in the US Marine Corps and Kari was in San Diego working as a health educator.  Kari had moved in with a friend, Renee’, who’s husband Tom was deployed with Pete in Iraq.  After some serious scheming by Renee and Tom, Tom encouraged Pete to add Kari to his myspace (yes, myspace) – he did, and Kari and Pete began e-mailing every day for the next 3 months until Pete returned to San Diego.  Two weeks after getting back, Pete had completed his contract with the Marine Corps and moved to Charleston, SC…they kept talking and that fall Kari was accepted to nursing school in Charleston and the rest is history!

Duvall is so happy to have been a part of this couple’s amazing story and wedding! Cheers to a lifetime of happiness!!