Backyard Wedding by Gia Canali

This wedding caught our attention because of all the intricate details involved in creating a fabulous backyard wedding. The lighting, the seating, the floating swans and even the belly dancers!!

I happen to be a HUGE fan of backyard weddings – they have such an intimate nature to them that always gives me those warm fuzzies!  (Granted, you and your family will be left with hundreds of tiny stiletto punctures in your lawn, but what a small price to pay, wouldn’t you agree?) And although I’ve never met this featured couple, photographed by Gia Canali, I believe I’d adore them; those inflatable swans, alone, likely speak volumes of the kind of people they are!  They carry with them an important lesson about wedding planning, too; don’t be afraid to make your wedding an extension of who you are.

I’ll let Gia Canali take it away with the oh so delightful details…

We loved the unique design touches — the chandelier in the tree in the front yard, the antique car, and the inflatable swans that floated in the pool.  The design was really simple and elegant, but didn’t take itself too seriously (I mean: how can you take yourself too seriously when you’re willing to float giant inflatable swans in the pool at your elegant backyard wedding?).

This wedding had great lighting — they planned the events of the day around natural lighting, but also lit the dining and dancing areas with clusters of paper lanterns and string lights.  Paper lanterns are actually a really good source of bright, even light (that doesn’t kill the mood!).

The very subtle color palette was especially lovely. Not every wedding needs to scream “these are my wedding colors!!!” — Though Nada’s wedding design has lots of whites, neutrals, and little bits of gold in it, there were touches of green and pink echoed in the florals and in the attendants’ attire.  The little bit of pink in Nada’s bouquet is reflected in her sister’s gown; the greens in the florals, moss, and other decor were reflected also in Paul’s friends’ ties.

Thanks, Gia,  for bringing this amazing wedding to our eyes! xoxo,  Alison of The Knotty Bride”

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