Event Catering Budgeting & Financing

As you’re making plans for your big event, your catering budget is likely to be at the top of your mind. When it comes to catering costs, there are several factors to consider, as each can contribute to your total.

Here, we’ll discuss everything that you should account for when setting your catering budget, tips to better manage your budget, and financing options that are designed to keep things affordable.


The primary eight factors that will

determine your catering budget are:


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Event Catering Budget FAQs

1How Do You Budget for Catering?
The first step in creating a budget for catering is to establish a headcount. The size of the guest list will have the largest impact on your budget. Next, establish a time and location for the event. Then, decide which style of catering services you need and what food should be available. You’ll want to decide whether you’ll have a bar at the event, as well. The catering service style and bar will determine what kinds of staffing requirements will need to be met. The best way to determine specific costs for services, staffing, and food items will be to contact us so that we can help with your estimate.
2How Do I Calculate How Much Catering I Need?
The amount of catering you need will largely depend on the catering service style selected and the number of guests that will be attending the event. First, you will want to determine which style of catering service best suits your event. Next, we’ll establish how much that style tends to cost per person. Finally, you’ll multiply that value by the number of guests attending the event.
3What is the Average Cost per Person for Catering?
The cost per person will depend on the catering style chosen and whether a bar is available or not. One of our Sales and Events Managers can guide you through the range of pricing depending on your event needs.