Board Meeting Catering
in Charleston, SC

Just as every board meeting has an agenda, our catering team has a mission. We’re committed to providing meals that help your board members stay energized as they make key decisions.

Duvall Catering & Events can simplify the catering experience for your Charleston board meeting, so that every meeting has easy-to-eat, appetizing options. No more mediocre and repetitive menus. Instead, our full-range board meeting catering services offer wow-worthy plates and snacks—without the stress of planning it yourself.

Make your Charleston board meeting an event to remember with Duvall Catering & Events. Give our team a call at 843-886-1626 or contact us online to get started!



Full-Service Caterers for Charleston Board Meetings

Your board has enough to think about. With Duvall Catering & Events, you can enjoy hands-off board meeting catering in Charleston, so you can focus on preparing for your upcoming meeting and the decisions at hand. We’ll handle all the details, including food, drinks and more.

Duvall Catering & Events buffet style catering service


From casual to exquisite, our Charleston board meeting catering is versatile. We offer everything from breakfast meals to sandwich wraps or sushi platters so that your board members can conduct a working meeting with the right style of dishes. No need to stress—we’ll handle all those dietary restrictions and requests, too.
Duvall Catering & Events bar service at a seminar

Bar Service

Our full-range bar planning, set-up and serving makes it easy to impress your board members with refreshing beverages or signature drinks.
Duvall Catering & Events seminar floral centerpiece


Floral accents can add a wonderful ambiance to your board meeting. Together we’ll plan florals that match the tone of your board meeting in Charleston.
Duvall Catering & Events seminar decor


Our team will pin down all the decorative details so your meeting room is cozy. We’ll define everything from lighting, centerpieces, fixtures, accents and more.

Board Meeting Catering: How it Works

Charleston board meeting catering should be both energizing and elegant. We’ll work together to define the ideal menu so attendees are impressed every step of the way. For seamless catering planning, we use the following process:

We're here to answer your questions and help you select the right catering and decor. Give us a call at 843.763.9222 to start planning an unforgettable seminar or conference in Charleston.  


Board Meeting Catering Serving Styles

Choose the catering service style that best fits your board meeting in Charleston. Whether you’re planning a buffet for an annual retreat or putting together casual corporate boxes for a weekly meeting, your attendees deserve the best.

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For a more sophisticated meeting, you can choose plated service. In this case, members will stay seated as dishes are served directly to the table.
Duvall Catering & Events buffet style catering service


Board meeting buffets are a nice touch so members can enjoy a spread of dynamic dishes, from hearty proteins, intriguing salads, and more.
Duvall Catering & Events catered station for retirement party


Liven up your meeting with stations where board members can mingle as they pick up dishes on demand.
Duvall Catering & Events corporate party box filled with food

Corporate Party Boxes

Individual boxes are an elegant way to impress your board. Personalize your boxes to include a range of dishes, goodies, or appetizers – and add menu cards, flowers, and other details for a specialized touch or sophisticated look.

Sample Menus for Charleston Board Meetings

Board meeting fare doesn’t have to be dull. Together we’ll masterfully craft a menu for your meeting. Our professional chefs can design charming plates—whether breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, or more—that appeal to your attendees as they focus on their agendas. We’ll also handle any dietary requests as needed. To get a sense of our plates, you can check out our sample menus with plenty of meeting-friendly options.


Explore Our Photo Gallery

"Get inspiration for your company board meeting by checking out our photo gallery. Explore previous Charleston events we’ve catered to see various first-class options for décor, food, drinks, and more.


Charleston Board Meeting Catering
Pricing & Packages

Let’s talk numbers. Depending on the specifics of your board meeting event, we’ll put together a custom package. In this proposal, you’ll get a clear budget for your event details and special needs. Typically, pricing depends on your guest count and the foods you select.

Charleston Board Meeting Catering FAQs

1What’s the best food to serve at a board meeting?
Every board meeting is unique, but typically you should serve varied foods that are easy to eat. Specialty wraps or meat/cheese platters are frequent choices, but you can opt for more intriguing choices such as sushi or tacos. Depending on your meeting style, we’ll hand-select a menu for you.
2Do you accommodate people with various allergies/food sensitivities?
Yes, we handle any special requests for allergies, sensitivities, or dietary restrictions. Be sure to discuss any of these needs with us beforehand so we can plan accordingly.
3How far in advance does the menu need to be finalized?
The sooner, the better. Typically, we try to finalize the menu at least a month before your event, but we’ll work with you at any stage in the planning process. Get in touch with our team to start finalizing your menu today.

Board Meeting Catering in Charleston, SC