Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

A critical part of your one-of-a-kind wedding day running smoothly are the bridesmaids and groomsmen, who help with planning, organizing, and celebrating. Providing gifts for the people who will be guiding you through the experience is an important part of showing your appreciation for their presence at this big step in your life.

You can start setting the tone for a memorable wedding by choosing the perfect gifts that reflect the bond you have with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Whether you’re asking them to be part of your special day, throwing the bachelor or bachelorette party of your dreams, or taking a moment to appreciate each other before heading off to the aisle, a gift can create an unforgettable moment. Just like your bridesmaids and groomsmen, Duvall Catering & Events is an experienced and essential part of planning your wedding and a day you’ll never forget.

Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Match your bridesmaids’ unique personalities and interests with their gifts by personalizing it to them – whether you give everyone something different or specify each item to the person it belongs to, these gift ideas all show your love for the special  people around you.

Personalized jewelry and accessories are a simple and classic option that can easily be tailored to your bridesmaids based on their style. Engraved necklaces or bracelets can tie you all together while still being something individual for each bridesmaid. Monogrammed tote bags or cosmetic pouches are another gift that they’re sure to use for years to come.

Spa and relaxation gifts can be a part of your bachelorette party, wedding prep, or simply a gift that allows them to take a moment to themselves after a hectic wedding season. Luxurious bath sets and pampering face masks or bath bombs all say, “I appreciate you.”

Customized clothing items are a tried-and-true bridesmaids gift, especially if they’re matching. Robes or pajama sets with your bachelorette party date or destination printed on them are something they can wear forever that will still remind them of this precious time you spent together. Embroidering initials or names  also can elevate any set of slippers or sweatshirts into a more personal gift.

The most important thing to remember for your bridesmaids gifts is to give them something that preserves the memory of your wedding and the important part they played in it.

Gift Ideas for Groomsmen

Coming up with gift ideas for men can be trickier – but don’t forget that they deserve something just as personal and thoughtful.

Classic grooming essentials have the benefit of being a nice gift and also something they can use to get ready for the big day. High-quality shaving kits can be used forever, while elegant cufflinks or tie bars can match all the groomsmen together during the ceremony.

Personalized barware or cigar accessories are doubly useful and unique. Engraved whiskey glasses or beer mugs will be a reminder of your day on their shelf forever, utilized in future celebrations and  also evenings at home. Bottle openers or flasks customized with their initials or names are another sentimental yet practical gift for the amateur mixologists in your life. Personalized cigar cutters or lighters are a similar option to mix up who gets what. And, if all your groomsmen are over the age of 21, locally-made cigars or beverages will surely be appreciated during the bachelor party.

For the more  active groomsmen, outdoor adventure accessories will certainly be put to use. Pocket knives or multi-tools engraved with their initials or the date of your wedding will ignite their memory every time their unique tool comes in handy. Stylish sunglasses or sports watches are a classier but no less functional gift that can be used on the everyday.

Matching your gifts to the personalities of your groomsmen is the most important thing, as   everyone’s interests are different and you want your gift to truly represent them and your bond.

Unisex Gift Ideas

Perhaps your wedding party includes “bridesmen” or “groomsgirls,” or you’re looking for a gift that can go for your entire wedding party regardless of whose side of the aisle they’re standing on. There are plenty of unisex gift ideas that will be just as special.

You can’t go wrong with experience-based gifts, in particular, activities you can all take part in together. Wine or beer tasting tours can be a luxurious afternoon spent appreciating each other before you’re off on your honeymoon, and cooking or mixology classes will surely create lasting memories of your successful final product… or unsuccessful.

There are many unisex keepsakes that can be personalized just as robes or flasks can. Engraved photo frames or albums complete with pictures of your bachelor or bachelorette party, wedding, or the beginning of your friendship highlight your relationship with your wedding party members in a permanent way. Customized luggage tags or keychains are great mementos if your bachelor or bachelorette party took you someplace new, which will be a memory held dear by everyone who went.

Unisex doesn’t mean impersonal. Even if you’re getting the same gift for everyone, it should reflect your relationship with them in a unique way.

Considerations When Choosing Gifts

Picking a gift involves more than simply finding the right item to wrap up. Be sure to create a budget for yourself, as you’re surely already spending plenty on the big day and don’t want to go overboard with your bridesmaids or groomsmen gifts.

The personal preferences and interests of each individual are another crucial consideration. If your best man doesn’t drink, engraved bar glasses will surely go to waste. The reason why you’ve chosen these people to be your wedding party is because you know them well, so draw on that knowledge when picking gifts.

Finally, remember what this is all about: your wedding! Be sure to coordinate with the overall wedding decor theme or colors if you’re giving a gift like cufflinks or slippers. Whether or not they’re actually worn during the ceremony, it’s an easy and special way to  commemorate your wedding with your gift, which is exactly why you’re giving one.

Create an Unforgettable Experience

A thoughtful gift says what words can’t. Your gratitude for the people surrounding you during one of the most important days of your life should be honored with something that they’ll treasure forever. Unique and personalized presents reflect your relationship with your bridesmaids or groomsmen, just like your wedding is a reflection of you.

Duvall Catering & Events is committed to creating experiences that showcase your personality and desires when planning for your Charleston wedding, from catering the food to the wedding florals. If bridesmaids and groomsmen are one big piece of your day going the way you want it to, we’re another.