Chandelier Chic

Something you might not know about Duvall: We have one of the largest in-house décor warehouses in South Carolina. Which means that each item is personally selected to be a perfect fit in the Duvall collection.

Just this week, Duvall expanded our inventory with some new lighting pieces: Chandeliers! This recent acquisition came from Kichler, which has an amazing selection to choose from. We bought these chandeliers specifically for a wedding with Katherine Miller Events at Lowndes Grove in late March.

They were such a hit with the Duvall décor team, we decided to invest in two different sizes that can be paired together or used separately depending on a client’s needs. The brushed nickel finish gives the chandelier a clean and modern look, while the gently curving arms keep the design classic. Versatile and functional, we hope to use these again and again in the future.

Take a look at our team assembling our new chandeliers:

Katie works on getting all the parts out of the packaging—probably the most time consuming part of the process!

Pamela reads the instructions, a crucial part in any step-by-step assembly.

Our team can do it all! Katie fits plugs onto the chandeliers to wire the electric current.

The outcome:  Success! Now only 11 more to assemble!

These beautiful chandeliers can be rented out (give us a call!), but we are also enjoying how classy they make the Duvall warehouse look!