CHS W+F Celebrity Chefs prep at Duvall Production Kitchen

Charleston Event Catering Chefs in kitchen preparing food

The CHS W+F has brought wonderful chefs to Charleston from all over the United States who have experience cooking for weddings, social events, private events, corporate events and charity events.  Today the Duvall Production Kitchen hosted:

Robert Newman from Brooklyn, New York prepping for his whole hog coleslaw, Vietnamese style.  An Arkansas native, Robert attended the New England Culinary Institute.  His restaurants include Nightingale 9, Wilma Jean and Smith Canteen.

Michael Sichel is Executive Chef at Galatoire’s, New Orleans.  Raised in Westchester, NY, Michael has lived the culinary dream working around the world.  His favorite spots Provence, France and Napa, California. His grandmother from Calabria, Italy inspired his culinary journey.

Carmen Quagliata also was inspired by his grandmothers love of food. Born in upstate New York, by the age of 14 he was ready to start his culinary journey.  A proud 1988 graduate of the Culinary Institute of American.  Carmen is the Executive Chef of New York’s famed Union Square Cafe and was assisted in the Duvall Production Kitchen today by Alisa Peysakhova, a 2011 graduate from the Culinary Institute of American.

Anthony Lamas drove in from Kentucky as a winter storm cancelled all flights.  Chef Anthony will be providing a sneak preview of his new cookbook “Southern Heat” which will be released November 5, 2015.  Anthony’s internship started at the Del Coronado Hotel, San Diego, California.

A special thank you to the many culinary students who assisted our visiting celebrity chefs; just to note a few:

Sarah Mandaleris from the International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Charleston;

Heather Horn from the Culinary Arts Institute of Charleston.

Thank you CHS W+F