Duvall Welcomes A New Executive Chef

Meet Chef Matt Greene- our new culinary talent. Matt was recently promoted from Sous Chef to Executive Chef and we think he’s worth getting to know. Not only because he’ll bring you delicious food items to try at your desk but because he loves to plan customized seasonal and local menus for our parties that are sure to impress. We’ve put together a quick Q&A style interview for you to explore a bit more about what he’s got in store for Duvall…

Charleston Wedding Catering

Name? Matthew Kyle Greene – 27 years old.

Background? I graduated in 2005 with an associate’s degree in occupational studies from The Culinary Institute of America.

Why Charleston? I spent the beginning of my career moving throughout the country.  I honed my craft by working in a variety of restaurants & hotels and living in cities such as Chicago, Charlotte NC, New York, DC, and Kalamazoo Michigan.


“When I came to Charleston to visit and to see if it would be a place I would like to live I knew it was be a perfect fit.  Charleston has an amazing food scene with an emphasis on local and sustainable ingredients.  The southern hospitality and the gorgeous coastal beaches were just an added bonus.”


What sets Duvall apart? First and foremost the people. The employees that work for this company are dedicated to service and exceeding our client’s expectations.  The second is how we can take a venue like an open field at a plantation, or an empty warehouse and turn it into a catering masterpiece with our elegant décor and first class menus.


“This company takes big city expectations and brings them to the relaxed feel of Charleston.”   


What projects will you undertake? Continuing to customize menus for clients with the freshest and best products I can source.  I also have plans to have a chef’s garden. This can be challenging for a catering company but I hope to be completely sustainable with all of our herbs by the end of the year.

Favorite food memory?  Sunday dinner with my family.  My mother would almost always have a pot of marinara cooking on the stove all morning.  By mid afternoon the aroma of tomatoes, onions, and garlic had filled the house.  Dinner was early and often included an array of authentic Italian dishes such as eggplant parmesan, braised meat balls, and mom’s lavish antipasto spread.

Favorite meal to cook at home? Potato gnocchi.  There is something to be said about taking simple raw ingredients and working them with your hands to create a light and fluffy dumpling.  I love that I can use the gnocchi in a variety if dishes no matter the season.