Duvall Welcomes a New Team Member!

Meet Shannan, our new coordinator! Fresh off the boat from Atlanta, Shannan brings a big city perspective with down home Southern roots. We can’t wait to introduce her to all of the amazing events Charleston has to offer.

Why you wanted to be an event coordinator:

I have always loved the concept of bringing people together over delicious food, beautiful flowers and candlelight, great music and an inviting atmosphere. Hosting is second nature to me and I love nothing more than seeing a flawless event pulled together, whether a wedding or family celebration, corporate affair, etc. This is the only career I have ever had and I can’t imagine doing anything different!

What brought you to Charleston?

I have always loved the coast and of course have been a huge fan of Charleston my whole life. I think that the  southern culture, history and beauty of the city, combined with local sustainability and farm twedo table food efforts, make for the perfect backdrop for events and therefor set the stage for me to continue my path in the event industry. Charleston is an incredible destination location for events and was a natural fit for my personality. So here I am!

Favorite thing about Charleston so far?

Hands down the scenery! Those that have lived here for a long time I am sure are used to the surroundings, but every time I smell the sea air, get a glimpse of the harbor or drive by a historical home or venue downtown, I am overwhelmed with excitement that I actually live here and am not just on vacation!

Favorite event you’ve planned and why?

I would have to say my best friend’s wedding in Georgia last Fall. She and I have been friends since kindergarten, so I had a very clear picture of what she envisioned for her wedding. We share very similar, if not exact, tastes and style, so I almost felt as if I was picking out the menu and flowers for my own wedding. The whole day was perfect and totally surpassed my expectations and of course the bride’s in every way. Planning an event for someone so close to you is very gratifying and special.

Favorite food?

This is probably one of the hardest questions to answer. I would have to say seared tuna. It is in many of my favorite dishes whether it be tar-tar, sushi, salads, ceviche, etc.  I also cook with it a lot and one of my best dishes is seared tuna with soy, ginger and avocado.

Best thing you’ve learned about Duvall:

The food is amazing! Before coming on board, I of course expected the food to be great based on Duvall’s reputation and experience, but having now been involved in some tastings and events firsthand, I am blown away by the quality, flavor, and perfectly prepared cuisine.

One food item you would put on your wedding menu:

A Southern antipasto station with butterbean hummus, cured meats, local cheese & honey, and of course freshly baked bread.