Charleston Event Insurance

Event Insurance. It’s not as expensive as you think!

Answering all of your insurance questions from what type of insurance plan you need to who should provide it.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is a type of insurance that protects your event from unforeseen circumstances or losses. Although no one wants to think about the “what ifs” of the big day, protecting your investment is, in our opinion, a must.

The top cancellation and postponement reasons from the last 5 years include:

 Sickness or injury to the bride or groom
 Damage to the event location prior to the wedding
 No shows by event vendors
 Loss or damage to the bridal gown
 Weather related cancellations (for our Charleston brides, think hurricanes!)

When should I get wedding insurance?

Timing is up to you, however we suggest getting insurance after you have confirmed your wedding venue and major vendors. Planning a Charleston wedding is time consuming and expensive and the additional cost of insuring your big day is comparatively minimal.

You’ll also need to purchase your plan before that “what if” happens or may be impending. For example, just like your homeowners policy, once a hurricane is forecasted in your direction it is too late to purchase a policy. We recommend erring on the side of caution and getting a plan early in the process for maximum peace of mind.

Types of Insurance

Wedding insurance comes in two different types – Liability and cancellation coverage.

Liability will cover damage that happens during your event and cancellation protects you in the event of a covered cancellation issue. Insurance plans offer different levels of coverage and will vary based on the investment you are insuring (the more expensive the wedding the more expensive the plan). We always recommend asking your venue or vendors if they cover event liability for clients. This can add extra coverage for things such as property damage or bodily injury.

A few of our trusted insurance providers include: Wedsafe and a local provider, Blueprint Insurance. WedSafe is an industry standard coverage provider offering 3rd party coverage and plans easily selected online. Blueprint is a local insurance company offering wedding insurance. Going local gives you a go to person to work out the best plan for you. Another option to keep in mind is your own insurance provider. Although your homeowner insurance does not extend to cover a wedding, your provider may be able to extend event liability policies to you.

What is not covered by wedding insurance?

There is no coverage for “Change of Heart” or “Cold Feet.” Wedding insurance is there to protect couples against events and circumstances they cannot control. Your engagement rings are also not covered by the insurance. This is a great item to bring up with your personal insurance provide to see how to best cover it.

We hope this helps in your planning process. Happy insuring!