From the Duvall Kitchen: Tasting Day

At Duvall we like to mix things up a bit when it comes to the dishes we offer for events and our Chefs enjoy the challenge of coming up with new dishes and trying new flavor profiles. But, perfectionists that we are, we want to make sure it’s just not our internal staff that thinks the new dishes are winners. So, a couple times a year Duvall hosts a group of discerning palates to come in and do a tasting of these potentional new dishes and beverages and to give their honest opinions.

One day last week the Duvall kitchen played host to 20 guests who tasted, talked and reviewed multiple new dishes, desserts, and cocktails. Thanks to photographer Erin McCoy, we have some photos from the day to share with you. Feast your eyes!

Looks good, doesn’t it? To see the full set of photos from the day, visit our Flickr Album