Local Feature: Jimmy Hagood’s Food For The Southern Soul

Not only does the Lowcountry boast some of the latest and greatest in food and bev, but it is also a tight knit community that we are proud to be a part of. That’s why at Duvall, we are committed to partnering with local companies and individuals to help us deliver the best of the best to our clients.

Jimmy Hagood’s Food for the Southern Soul™ is one of those companies. A specialty food and catering service, we partner with Food for the Southern Soul™ to offer our clients high-quality barbecue and Southern cuisine.

For Jimmy Hagood, barbecue and slow cooking started as a weekend hobby, spending his weekdays working as an insurance advisor. But in 2002, Jimmy decided to turn to Southern cuisine full time, and Food for the Southern Soul™ was born. Since then, Jimmy’s operation has flourished as he has managed to run a full-scale catering business, bottle his award-winning BlackJack Barbecue sauces, and compete in national pitmaster competitions.

While his accolades are impressive, it’s Hagood’s dedication and love for what he does that really set him apart. Food for the Southern Soul™ has picked up speed in the past few years and Jimmy decided to spin off his catering division to Duvall Events. Jimmy’s passion for each of his products and the culinary culture of the South are evident in everything Food for the Southern Soul™ has to offer, from his pantry products to his barbecue and other catering menu options.

Our partnership with Jimmy Hagood’s Food for the Southern Soul™ allows us to provide clients with the best in local Southern cuisine, no matter the scale. Whether you pick from Jimmy’s range of sample menus or design your own, you can rest assured that your menu will always exceed the expectations of everyone at your event.