Labor Day Party Menu

It’s labor day, so let’s start with the cocktails…a Moscow Mule is the perfect end-of-summer beginning-of-fall cocktail. The lime screams the warm summer months and the spice of the ginger is reminiscent of spiced fall flavors, a perfect blend for the seasonal symbolism of Labor Day.

Whip up a Moscow mule with:
Start with a cup full of ice
Mix in 1 part vodka
Add Juice of one fresh lime
Top with high quality ginger beer (I like Reed’s- it’s spicy and bold and works nicely with the citrus)

Now, on to the food.

Use labor day as one of the last times to break out the grill at the beach and enjoy casual fresh food with local ingredients.

Catch the last of summer tomatoes and combine with garlic, fresh basil and balsamic vinaigrette to spoon over garlic rubbed char-grilled crostini.

Follow it up with the last of summer sweet corn buttered, salted and peppered- simple and delicious.

For your entrée, head to a local seafood place or butcher and get a good cut of meat or fish. Keep it simple- olive oil, salt, pepper- maybe some fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon.

Serve it with a refreshing green salad with feta and cucumbers and end the meal with perfect summer peaches and another cocktail. These are all great options for summer party menu. Cheers to labor day! We hope y’all enjoy it!