Seasonal Flower Guide for Your Charleston Wedding

Choosing wedding flowers that are in season can save you bunches – literally. That’s because in-season flowers are easier to source. Depending on your wedding destination, you may even get lucky with locally-grown blooms.

Nowadays, growers can fly in flowers from anywhere worldwide, but you’ll pay a premium for the service and transport. And why bother, when in-season flowers are just as lovely and cost a fraction of the price?

To help you get started planning your wedding day florals, our Duvall team has put together this guide on what flowers are generally in season during certain months. Remember to check with your local florist about availability, pricing, and exact seasons for your floral wishlist.

Why Seasonal Flowers?

Seasonal flowers aren’t just affordable, they’re also the best choice for other reasons. To start, flowers in season will be at their peak beauty. That means brighter colors, stronger scents, and a fresh look even after sitting outside for hours.

Spring Florals

Springtime means gardens turn into a palette of pastels. During spring, you can make the most of fresh, gorgeous blooms in a variety of colors and textures. For this reason, springtime weddings often charm with Charleston-native pinks, purples, and creams. Also, if you’re worried about planning an eco-friendly wedding, in-season flowers are great for the environment. Locally sourced blooms mean less energy wasted in transport. Bottom line: you can’t go wrong with seasonal flowers for your wedding any time of the year.

Stargazer lily

This bewitching springtime lily ranges from crimson to pink and has white edges. It’s not just a stunner but also gives off a strong scent.


These soft-layered flowers typically come in pink, white or yellow. They give lovely volume to wedding bouquets and have a sweet scent.


This big bloom ranges from lavender-blue to bright pink. Hydrangeas are known for their lovely hues and textures.


This genus of flowers is characterized by a bullseye texture. Hues include yellow, pink, orange, red, and white. They don’t have a strong scent, which makes them versatile for arrangements.


These tiny yet lovely bunches come in white, pink, or purple. They have a dark red center and provide great volume.

Summer Florals

In summer, you’ll enjoy every bloomin’ thing. Bold, bright blossoms are typical during this season. If you’re looking for a pop of color or a tropical flourish for your wedding florals, summertime may be your best bet. .

lily of the incas

Lily of the Incas

his gorgeous lily is bright with tiger-streaked petals. It’s most beautiful in orange, but also comes in yellow, pink, purple and white. There’s no noticeable scent.


These gentle-petaled summer flowers are simply stunning and their scent is intoxicatingly fragrant. They most commonly come in white, yellow, purple, red, and blue.


Unusually shaped yet wonderfully bright, snapdragons can bring something unique to your summertime florals. There’s a variety of colors to choose from, including hot hues and bicolors.
monte casino asters

Monte Casino Asters

Little bunches of these summer beauties make for great volume. These flowers come in white, purple, or pink and have a cheery yellow center.


Sunflowers are a classic yellow bloom with a wide, dark center. Orange-faced sunflowers can be especially lovely in summertime arrangements.

Fall Florals

As the temperature drops, your wedding florals can enjoy deep autumn shades. Enjoy gemstone hues and textures such as twigs, leaves, and more. You might even mirror the glory of fall in Charleston with golds and oranges. .

Chocolate cosmo

Chocolate Cosmos

A maroon flower that gives depth to any autumn bouquet. It’s a simple yet velvety choice that also gives off a sweet scent.
parrot tulips

Parrot tulips

These tulips are technicolor-streaked for a surprising, tropical look. Black parrot tulips have a dark purple outside with greenish-blue accents – perfect for a fall color scheme.
Sea lavender

Sea lavender

This star-shaped flower comes in tiny bunches, usually white or purple. It can bring wonderful texture to a fall bouquet.


Shaped like a sun, this flower has gorgeous tiers. Colors include white, yellow, and orange, as well as darker reds and purples. In particular, the burgundy dahlia fits well with autumn colors.


Bold and bright. This flower has a rounded body of petals for great texture. Typically, they come in white, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple.

Winter Florals

Cold-weather blooms are few and far between, but they can be stunners. Frosty flowers are usually white or bright red/purple for an accent of color. Festive textures such as pinecones and berries also make for a sweet winter arrangement. .



This majestic bloom comes in a scarlet red. You can also choose from pink, orange or white. It has a mild, sweet scent.


These rods of little purple flowers give gorgeous color and texture to winter weddings. Enjoy the woody scent while you’re at it, too.


A classic festive choice with dark green leaves, red buds, and white flowers. Forever stunning with frosty décor.


This wintertime flower has a dusky range of hues, including maroon, dark blue, green, gray-purple, apricot, pink, and yellow. A ravishing pick for your winter color scheme.
Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem

This five-pointed flower comes in simple white, with a yellow-green center. It gives ideal contrast and texture to winter bouquets.

Select In-Season Wedding Florals with Duvall

Your Charleston wedding will be a dazzling event, no matter the time of year. As you plan your wedding floral budget, consider selecting in-season flowers. You’ll save money and still have exquisite blooms to choose from. Our Duvall floral team can give you a hand and recommend the right flowers based on your wedding theme and budget. Reach out to schedule a consultation and pick captivating florals for your special day.