The Green Team

Check out the Duvall Green Team’s latest efforts featured in this month’s Green Connection newsletter:

GBC Business Spotlight: Duvall Catering & Event Design

Here is an update from event designer Megan Click on Duvall’s participation in the Green Business Challenge.

“Duvall’s GBC is going very well…Our staff is constantly being educated about what they can do to be green, I send out the green facts and tips that are in the GBC newsletter, and we have signs posted to remind everyone to recycle. I think our biggest success stories have to be our recycling efforts and our double-sided printing. While Duvall has always been good at recycling, we have gotten even better during the GBC. We make a conscious effort to not only recycle what we have purchased, but buy items that are able to be recycled over those that cannot; even looking at what type of packaging items come in and assessing if it can be recycled or not. Our other major achievement has been to recruit our staff to print double-sided. In an office where change is shunned, contracts are printed daily, and recycle bins are full of paper this has been quite a success. In an effort to reduce our waste we are trying to be more conscious of what we are printing. While it cannot be completely eliminated we feel as if we have come a long way in the 2 months we have been participating in the challenge.”

Go Green Team! Keep up the good efforts.

Interested in learning more about the Charleston Green Business Challenge? For more information, take a look at the website.