Wedding Cake and Dessert Station Inspiration

Have Your Cake – and Eat it Too!

Traditional tiered cakes, mini sweets, pies or dare we say cheese?!  What “cake” option will you have at your wedding?

Tiered wedding cakes are a time-honored tradition! They embodied the epitome of classic wedding elegance. From the multi-tiered showstopper to an understated two-tiered cake – you truly can’t go wrong. With this option, most of our couples enjoy the aesthetic of a traditional white wedding cake. It’s essentially a blank canvas to take in any direction that suits your wedding style. We recommend a vanilla buttercream “shell” for the outside of your cake. We love this option because the buttercream is the perfect flavor profile to complement any of your filling choices while also holding up in all reception environments (no melting fondant on that hot Charleston summer day here!)

For a minimalist tiered cake look, try out a naked cake. These simple, but chic cakes are only frosted between layers with just enough on the shell of the cake to offer support and a clean white color. Pair this cake with fresh blooms or greenery to complete the look. Think of this as the little black dress of the wedding cake world – understated and simple but stunning.

Duvall Catering & Events Wedding Cakes

For those who decide to do a mix of traditional and trendy – a one or two-tiered cake with mini sweets to supplement is the perfect choice! This hip option gives guests several after-dinner treat choices. Selections like mini pecan pies, s’mores cake pops and banana pudding in the cutest little shot glass would surround your traditional “cutting cake” for a stylish look that any couple (and their guests!) will adore.

Don’t like cake? No problem! It’s your wedding day and no one says there must be a cake. Get creative! Here at Duvall Catering & Events, we have seen everything from donut walls, to pie displays to one of our all-time favorite non-traditional cake swaps – a multi-tiered cake made entirely out of wheels of cheese! Your wedding day and your wedding cake are truly a personal reflection of the two of you. Don’t let outdated rules, or overly opinionated relatives dictate your cake style. Have fun with it and one final parting note – don’t forget to carve out some quality time on your big day to enjoy a slice or bite of whatever you do end up choosing!