Festive & COVID-Safe Corporate Holiday Catering

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The pandemic doesn’t have to put a damper on your company’s holiday spirits. Though the traditional holiday business luncheon or party may not be an option for your team, you still can make this season merry and bright for your employees – and keep them safe while you’re at it!

At Duvall Catering & Events, we have COVID-19 catering options so you can boost company morale and treat your teams to delicious meals. With these jolly possibilities for corporate holiday celebrations, good cheer is back on the menu. 

COVID-19 Catering Options for Corporate Holiday Celebrations

This holiday season, you’ve got options for your corporate event in Charleston. Forget about pre-defined menus and combos – our holiday catering menu and packages can be 100% personalized for your company’s needs. Whether you’re planning an in-person office party or a virtual celebration, your company can choose the just-right festive catering option. 

Option 1: Corporate Party Box

The Corporate Party Box is a cheery choice for treating your remote employees, as it can be delivered directly to their doorsteps. Even if you’re in the office, these party boxes encourage social distancing and reduce potential COVID-19 contact.

Depending on your budget and theme, we’ll work together to customize your Corporate Party Box. For example, the boxes can contain a range of dishes, such as holiday goodies, themed appetizers or a full meal – it’s your pick! A bottle of sparkling wine or a holiday cocktail kit can also be included. 

Both larger and smaller boxes can contain appetizers or dishes, though larger boxes typically come with more food. Also, if you’re thinking of themed goodies, a smaller box may be your best bet. To get you in the holiday spirit, here are some of our favorite party box ideas: 

Afternoon Teatime BoxCharleston Snack Board BoxDessert Delight Box
Tea Sandwiches
Caprese Skewers
Raspberry Preserves
Sesame Crackers
Carrot Cake
A Variety of Teas to Brew at Home
A Variety of Meats and Cheeses
Bbq Crisps
Pickled Veggies
Peach Preserves
Homemade Biscuits
Pecan Pie
A Bottle of Hard Cider
Mouse Cups
Mini Cupcakes
Cream Puffs
Candied Nuts
A Bottle of Prosecco to Chill at Home

Whatever the contents you choose, all Corporate Party Boxes have a stunning presentation that will wow your employees, including menu cards, sprigs of flowers, whimsical packaging and other festive details. 

Option 2: COVID-Safe Buffet 

Our specialty chefs also can craft a buffet-style meal to celebrate your company’s efforts. This is the perfect plan if your teams are working at the office and you want to bring them together in a safe way. 

Our COVID-safe measures include opening the buffet at staged intervals so that not everybody is in line at once. In addition, our catering staff wears masks at all times and follows sanitary protocols to reduce the risk of COVID-19. 

As if that weren’t enough, a holiday buffet can be a delicious event with custom themes that bring the best local foods to the table. Here are some of our holiday-inspired menus that work well for corporate party events in Charleston:

Charleston-Themed Holiday Buffet
Traditional Holiday Buffet
Carved Cajun Turkey
Mashed Potatoes
Ambrosia Salad 
Whiskey-glazed Carrots
Pecan Pie
Blood-orange Punch
Maple-glazed Ham
House Rolls
Kale and Squash Gratin
Cranberry Relish
Green Beans
Pumpkin Pie
Mulled Wine

The buffet can always be personalized to your company’s vision, including themed foods, décor and more. After thoroughly discussing your needs, we’ll create a party plan that’s within budget and aligns with your vision. 

Option 3: Gift Chef-Prepared Meals

Finally, you can give the gift of holiday food. With Table & Twine, you can send chef-prepared entrees and meals straight to your employees’ homes. This is another COVID-safe option that will give you peace of mind while spreading your holiday cheer.

These artisanal dishes from Table & Twine are masterfully curated – all you have to do is the final cooking step. No cutting or complicated instructions here! There’s a wide range of dishes available, including appetizers, bistro meals, Thanksgiving packages, desserts and cocktail mixes. 

This type of artisanal meal can be a cozy addition to your employees’ tables this season and a heartfelt thank-you for all their hard work.  

Additional COVID-19 Safety Measures

We take the health and safety of your employees – and ours – seriously. To start, our catering facilities aren’t public, so there’s less risk of contamination. At the same time, all our employees wear masks and undergo extra sanitation steps. 

To ensure COVID-19 safety measures at your event, we will also create a customized plan according to your Charleston event venue and needs. For example, we can provide additional hand sanitizing stations and cleaning services in order to reduce risk. 

Celebrate your Employees This Holiday Season

Don’t skip your annual holiday celebrations because of COVID-19. With our holiday catering services, you can plan virtual or in-person festivities to celebrate the season and your employees! 

Our catering services – including Corporate Party Boxes, buffets and chef-prepared meals – bring the wonder of holiday food to your employees in a COVID-safe way. Reach out to the Duvall Catering & Events team to start planning today.