Please Pass the Crab Cakes

Last week, the Duvall catering staff was preparing for our exciting and very busy weekend. How busy you may ask?  To give you an idea: the catering staff made a whopping 3,600 crab cakes! Chef Mike spent his whole day preparing these and making sure they were ready to go for our events.

Here is a little behind the scenes snapshot for you, by the numbers:

6: the number of extra hands Duvall had to bring on to help for the weekend

8: the number of events we have between Friday and Sunday

11: the average number of hours each Chef spent in the kitchen

3,600: the number of crab cakes Duvall Chefs made

We had a great weekend with each of our events and are proud to put the Duvall name on these efforts. But for right now, please pass the crab cakes – because they were good.