Retirement Party Catering
in Charleston, SC

The best is yet to come. Our Duvall Catering & Events team can make your retirement party in Charleston the perfect send-off. We’ll handle your party planning from start to finish so that you can cherish this milestone with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Since 1978, the Duvall team has been welcoming the magic of celebration in Charleston. With full-range services, personalized options, and best-in-class chefs, we’re here to cater to you.



Full-Service Retirement Catering Services

It’s time to sit back, relax and let us handle your retirement party planning in Charleston. While you celebrate this new chapter, we’ll take care of all the details, including food, cake, décor, drinks and more.

Duvall Catering & Events retirement catering - tacos


Catering is a cinch with our team. Together we’ll personalize a menu with your must-have foods, whether you’re looking for casual finger sandwiches or elegant courses. Relax, we’ll handle all those dietary restrictions and requests, too.
Retirement Catering in Charleston


You can have your cake and eat it, too. We design beautiful retirement cakes that match your party theme for mouth-watering results.
Duvall Catering & Events retirement bar service

Bar Service

Our certified bartenders can wow your guests with signature drinks and classic cocktails, and we’ll take care of the full-range bar planning, set-up, and serving.
Duvall Catering & Events retirement floral centerpiece


Retirement flowers can add charm to any celebration. Our team can craft the perfect florals to fit with your retirement party in Charleston.
Duvall Catering & Events graduation decor


Start practicing that smile. All your retirement photos will be stunningly set with our event décor. The ambiance for your retirement party in Charleston will be handcrafted with details including lighting, centerpieces, fixtures, accents, and more.

Retirement Catering: How it Works

Enjoying retirement starts now. Let our full-service retirement event team in Charleston organize your party.

We're here to answer your questions and help you select the right catering and decor. Give us a call at 843.763.9222 to start planning an unforgettable retirement party. 


Retirement Catering Styles

It’s your party, after all. You can choose from a variety of serving styles according to your vision – whether an office party, backyard shindig, or elegant soiree.


Catering Sample Menus

Let’s craft the ideal retirement party menu so you can truly savor this moment. Our catering chefs can design finger foods, fancy full plates, and everything in between. We can even handle dietary restrictions and requests.

Check out our menus to get inspired and don’t forget that we’ll schedule a tasting so you can try options beforehand.


Retirement Event Photo Gallery

Look back on the recent parties we've helped create so you can get some ideas for your own. In this photo gallery, you’ll see a range of party settings and styles.


Retirement Catering
Pricing & Packages

Our retirement catering packages are custom-built according to your budget and vision. Pricing mostly depends on the number of guests and the variety of foods you select. We’ll go through your individual options together, so you’re crystal clear on the details.

Retirement Catering FAQs

1How far in advance should I order catering for a retirement party?
We hope you’ll get in touch with our catering team as soon as possible. Typically we recommend at least a month in advance, especially if you’re hosting a large party or have complex retirement catering needs.
2How many guests can you serve?
As many as you like! Our team will organize and personalize your retirement event in Charleston according to your vision. We can plan for any number of guests.
3How long does your team need to fully set up and break down an event??
Set-up and take-down will depend on the size of your party. Typically, our catering staff takes one and a half to two hours before and after your party.