What Does Your Style Say About Your Bridal Bouquet?

Here at Duvall Catering & Events, bridal floral arrangements are custom designed for each of our beautiful brides. We have been hand selecting flowers, setting tables, sourcing locally, making delicious cuisine, crafting cocktails, setting lights, seamlessly designing, artfully entertaining, obsessively organizing and welcoming the magic of celebration since 1978.

Flowers have become an important staple to Charleston weddings, especially the bridal bouquet. We love for our brides to be involved in choosing what goes into the bridal bouquet because it shows a side of her style and who she is. Your wedding flowers set the tone for your big day and reflect your wedding aesthetic. So whether you are envisioning a bouquet that is quintessential Charleston or you want your blooms give you all the tropical vibes, that’s where we come in.

We narrowed down our most requested bridal bouquet styles into six categories. Which bride are you?

The Classic Bride

Classic Bridal Bouquet Duvall Catering & Events

She is timeless and traditional. Fitted, round bouquets best suit this style. White, neutral, and blush blooms make for an elegant color palette. Roses offer a more traditional wedding style. The classic and timeless flower can be paired with a variety of other blooms or bound on its own for simple elegance.

Flowers to Consider: White Rose, Ivory Garden Rose, O’hara Garden Rose, Hydrangea

Honorable Mention: Juliet Garden Rose, White Ranunculus, White Calla Lily

The Girly Girl

Bridal Bouquet Duvall Catering & Events

A romantic at heart. Peonies are sweet and romantic offering the perfect compliment to a vintage and feminine gown.

Flowers to consider: White Peony, Coral Charm Peony, Sweet Pea, Veronica

Honorable Mention: Pink rose, Astilbe, O’hara Garden Rose

The Minimalist

Bridal Bouquet Duvall Catering & Events

Calla Lilies are great for contemporary brides! Those who love clean lines and gravitate towards simplistic and modern design are the perfect fit. Monochromatic blooms or greenery alone are some great options for the avant-garde minimalist.

Flowers to Consider: Calla Lily, Orchid, Tulip, Anemone, Delphinium

Honorable Mention: Smilax, Sword Fern, Eucalyptus

The Free Spirit

Bridal Bouquet Duvall Catering & Events

Wild Flower booms are great for free spirited brides with an easygoing personality. Gathered bouquets are perfect these unconventional brides.

Flowers to Consider: Sunflower, Ranunculus, Dahlia, Blue thistle, Camomile

Honorable Mention: Succulent, Freesia, Frilly Tulip, Queen Anne’s Lace

The Bohemian Bride

Bridal Bouquet Duvall Catering & Events

Whimsical and bold. Unique blooms such as air plants and King Proteas show the bride’s quirky and eclectic side. Loose and cascading describe this style bouquet.

Flowers to Consider: Succulent, Air Plant, King Protea, Pincushion, Dahlia

Honorable Mention: Coral Charm Peony, Amaranthus, Stock

The Southern Belle

Bridal Bouquet Duvall Catering & Events

For all the southern ladies raised on tradition, we know something blue is a must! Keepsakes fit perfect at the base of your bundle! White and Green bundles complement any style of dress.

Flowers to Consider: Hydrangea, Magnolia, Baby’s Breath

Honorable Mention: Camellias, Cotton, Astilbe, Vine

We revel in details. Duvall creates floral arrangements to make your event memorable down to the last petal. Incorporate flowers and greenery into your design with fresh, seasonal blooms. Click here to download our brochure to learn more about our floral design services.