Save Money on Corporate Social Functions by Going Green & Donating Event Materials


Companies are facing scrutiny from the public for hosting lavish business luncheons and cocktail hours. Pricey wining-and-dining business practices are quickly going out of style (especially during sensitive economic times).

Our Solution:

Go Green & Donate! By hosting eco-friendly corporate social functions and then donating green event materials to appropriate sustainability outlets, a company can cut costs and reduce their environmental thumbprint.

For example, you could create potted-plant-centerpieces to be used at an evening function. Then, the following day, donate them to a local park, city beautification project, or public organization. Another option would be to create a company garden, and after your event have your guests, co-workers, or clients help plant the centerpieces. (This is a great team-building activity too!)

For a business event in the Charleston area, another fantastic option would be to donate the plants to the Charleston Area Children’s Garden Project, a non-profit community service organization that thrives solely on donations and hands-on volunteerism.

Duvall can help your company design and host their next green social function! We have partnered with the Sustainability Institute to be able to offer Green Events at an affordable price! Call 843.763.9222 and one of our event coordinators would be happy to help you plan your Green Corporate Event.


Making corporate events green is mutually beneficial to the company, and the environment. It helps reduce costs by reducing their wasted resources.

Let’s help corporations save money and reduce their environmental thumbprint (especially while in the midst of tax season!!). By focusing efforts toward making corporate wining-and-dining more eco-friendly, corporations are able to create a mutually beneficial impact on both, their pocketbook and the environment. Let’s make green corporate social functions a reality!   

*A press release issued by the U.S. Travel Industry March 11, 2009 talks about the necessity for corporations to continue “legitimate meetings and business events.” This is just another great reason to let Duvall help host your companies’ Green Events.

by: Caroline Heuring, Sales Assistant at Duvall Catering & Event Design