Freshen up your pillows each season in only 30 minutes

One of the biggest requests Duvall decor has is how to customize everyday objects such as vases and pillows for each event.  This is a fun way to take your existing décor and spice it up for different seasons and holidays.  We decided on a star pillow but this can be done with just about anything!  Let your imagination take the lead!

What you will need:

– 2/3 yd of fabric

– Scissors

– Fabric glue or Hot Glue & Gun

– Fun Festive Button

– 2 in of Velcro

– 14 to 18 in pillow with cover

How – To:

1. Pick out fabric that will be sturdy and has great texture to accent your pillow (felt, corduroy, velvet, etc.)

2. Cut out your shapes (we chose five point stars): 2 large, 2 medium and 1 small.

3. Glue the stars on top of each other in order of size.  Starting with the largest and rotating with each new layer.  Let dry.

4.  Glue (or for those who are crafty – sew) the button onto the middle of your glued stars.

5. Place a small piece of stick on Velcro to the pillow and on the star.  Use Velcro to adhere the start to the pillow and switch out with new creations!

To show step by step how easy this is, we even took pictures of the process:

For more inspiration, here are some other styles we love!
– Poinsettia pillows from Centsational Girl
– Felt flowers pillows from The Purl Bee