The 10 Days of Valentine’s Day

Just like everyone else these days, the ladies of the Décor department are addicted to D.I.Y. projects.  With Valentine’s Day approaching we wanted to provide our readers with 10 fun, hands-on, inexpensive ways to give your home or office that extra touch of love. Each Duvall designer has picked their favorite ideas and will be sharing their Valentine’s D.I.Y. favorites with you!

Valentine D.I.Y. Day #1 by: Megan Click, Lead Designer

Paper Garland Strands

Paper garland strands are not only a simple way to deck out your space for Valentine’s Day, but are also very affordable. Even those who are not D.I.Y. experts can pull together this straightforward look. Not only is it a great decoration for Valentine’s Day, but the garland can translate to other home events: bridal or baby showers, Sunday brunch, birthday parties, etc.  

These strands from Krissy Tiglias at are a great way to add a little flare and can be a fun afternoon activity!

All you need are:

  • Assorted Paper
  • Needle & Thread
  • 2” Scalloped Shaped Hole Punch


Fold 3” to 6” paper squares in half and cut a half heart from the fold. Thread needle and string hearts together through the top center of the folded paper hearts. Using scalloped hole punch, make shapes from paper. Thread needle and string through the opposite sides of each scalloped paper. Add as many hearts and scallops as it takes to reach your desired length.